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Place Temperature Humidity Pressure Conditions Updated Warning
Apalachicola 74°F 97% 30.04in Overcast 12:15 AM EDT  
Bartow 70°F N/A% 30.08in Overcast 12:35 AM EDT  
Cocoa 77°F 94% 30.09in Partly Cloudy 12:17 AM EDT  
Crestview 71°F 93% 30.11in Mostly Cloudy 11:35 PM CDT  
Cross City 70°F N/A% 30.08in Scattered Clouds 12:35 AM EDT  
Daytona Beach 76°F 94% 30.11in Overcast 11:53 PM EDT  
Destin 74°F 87% 30.09in Overcast 11:15 PM CDT  
Fort Lauderdale 75°F 96% 30.05in Mostly Cloudy 11:53 PM EDT Flood Watch / Flood Statement  
Fort Myers 72°F 97% 30.06in Overcast 11:53 PM EDT  
Fort Pierce 78°F 84% 30.07in Scattered Clouds 12:17 AM EDT  
Gainesville 74°F 91% 30.12in Mostly Cloudy 11:53 PM EDT  
Jacksonville 75°F 87% 30.12in Overcast 11:53 PM EDT  
Key West 80°F 87% 30.01in Scattered Clouds 11:53 PM EDT  
Lakeland 70°F 100% 30.09in Overcast 11:15 PM EDT  
Leesburg 75°F 96% 30.10in Partly Cloudy 11:53 PM EDT  
Marathon 78°F 81% 30.01in Clear 11:53 PM EDT  
Marianna 69°F 93% 30.10in Partly Cloudy 10:53 PM CDT  
Melbourne 75°F 82% 30.08in Light Rain 12:18 AM EDT  
Miami 75°F 94% 30.06in Overcast 11:53 PM EDT Flood Watch / Flood Statement  
Naples 71°F 96% 30.06in Partly Cloudy 11:56 PM EDT  
Ocala 73°F 94% 30.10in Scattered Clouds 12:34 AM EDT  
Opa-locka 75°F 87% 30.07in Light Rain 11:53 PM EDT Flood Watch / Flood Statement  
Orlando 75°F 94% 30.10in Mostly Cloudy 11:53 PM EDT  
Panama City 70°F 94% 30.08in Mostly Cloudy 11:36 PM CDT  
Pensacola 76°F 79% 30.08in Scattered Clouds 10:53 PM CDT  
Plant City 73°F 88% 30.09in Overcast 12:35 AM EDT Flood Warning  
Pompano Beach 79°F 74% 30.06in Mostly Cloudy 11:53 PM EDT Flood Watch / Flood Statement  
Punta Gorda 73°F 87% 30.08in Overcast 11:53 PM EDT  
Saint Augustine 75°F 94% 30.13in Clear 11:56 PM EDT  
Saint Petersburg 72°F 91% 30.05in Overcast 11:53 PM EDT  
Sanford 75°F 90% 30.09in Mostly Cloudy 11:53 PM EDT  
Sarasota 72°F 97% 30.04in Overcast 11:53 PM EDT  
Tallahassee 72°F 78% 30.09in Overcast 11:53 PM EDT  
Tampa 74°F 82% 30.07in Overcast 11:53 PM EDT Flood Warning  
Titusville 77°F 91% 30.11in Overcast 11:56 PM EDT  
Valparaiso 72°F 91% 30.11in Overcast 10:55 PM CDT  
Vero Beach 77°F 88% 30.08in Partly Cloudy 11:53 PM EDT  
West Palm Beach 78°F 84% 30.07in Mostly Cloudy 11:53 PM EDT Flood Watch / Flood Statement  
Winter Haven 72°F 93% 30.09in Rain 11:53 PM EDT  
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Tornado Warning Severe Thunderstorm Warning Flood Warning High Wind Advisory Special Weather Statement
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Public Record
Public Statement
Tornado Watch Severe Thunderstorm Watch Flood Watch / Flood Statement Dense Fog Advisory
Volcanic Ash Advisory Hurricane Local Statement Winter Weather Statement Heat Advisory

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